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Aries people are known to be authoritative and domineering; it is in their blood. They never listen to others and always do what they want to, even if it appears foolish or dangerous. They possess incredible high level of self-esteem, often combined with unbelievable stubbornness. Aries particularly enjoys the taste of victory and loves to compete. One of the most important elements to consider in a natal chart is the Moon.

Here’s How to Do It Yourself!

It represents everything that is in a way outshined by brightness of the Sun. The Moon represents our hidden personality, in a way. This planet is related to our emotions; it is all about that. The Moon also represents imagination, intuition and sub conscious mind. It is equally important as the Sun is. The Moon has always been associated with changes and transformation. This planet is related to the element of Water and it greatly affects Water element signs, such as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

It rules the Cancer. The Moon supports our imagination and nurtures our emotional being. It makes us sentimental, compassionate, empathic, caring and loving. The Moon in Capricorn is in exile, meaning this is not a favorable position for the emotional planet. The effects of the moon are restricted when in exile, meaning such a position creates certain degree of emotional blockade and coldness. The Moon in Capricorn makes one strict, reserved, insensitive and cold. Moon Capricorns are locked, serious, closed and emotionally very reserved.

It does have its advantages, though. The soul of a Moon Capricorn is like a solid fortress, surrounded by thick walls, on a high hill. It takes time to climb up and get inside. These people appear self-confident, strong willed and unshakable, which the indeed are. If you want to make a connection with a moon Capricorn personality, you have to be aware that it is not an easy task.

As for Moon Capricorns themselves, this nature serves them well in many life situations; it helps them keep cool head in crisis and helps them distance their emotional self from their profession or so. However, when it comes to informal interaction, let alone friendly and romantic relations, they often leave wrong impression, different from what they actually want.

The Moon in Aries - Personality and Compatibility

Being emotionally blocked, they cannot show affection as some other people do. They appear indifferent, distant, and even arrogant in situation in which they actually want to attract someone. People often think they pay no interest in them and simply keep their distance. Moon Capricorns often have trouble in making emotional bonds with people.

Can you even imagine how an Aries Sun Capricorn Moon thinks, acts and feels? This is a particularly an edgy and straightforward personality. They are competitive and driven. The Moon here supports their creative and intuitive nature, rather than their emotional nature. They are strong and fierce as Aries and less emotional than many of the zodiac representatives.

Aries Moon Sign – The Moon in Aries

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon stand with both feet on the ground and they know what they want in life. Unlike typical hasty Aries, these ones have a bit more patience, so they can plan well and act practically. They are determined and self-confident. Even though Arians lack patience, you do have the passion to go a distance, as long as the flame is alive. It is hard for both Rams to distinguish a crush or true love.

Moon in Scorpio v/s Scorpio ascendant.

It is not unusual for both to give up trying after a while. This moon sign compatibility may be forever or fleeing, true to the nature of the fiery sign. You appear to be a perfect love match. However this relationship requires work if you want it to last. As long as you both accept that no one is the real boss, things will be great. The only way this Aries moon and Taurus moon compatibility will last, is for the Arian to be the boss. Your Taurean partner has to compromise if you want this to work well.

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Even though you are both creative, you essentially have opposite personalities. You are a great leader, but your partner is more soothing and calm to tie things together, you will make a great business team. Arians are good at getting the ball rolling, and Taureans will finish the job well. The difference in moon sign personality may break a romantic relationship, as the Ram and the Bull wants different things in life. You, Aries wants action and stimulation, mixing things up; but Taurus prefers tranquility and stability, the feeling of security.

Rising Sign Compatibility In Romantic Relationships

More importantly, if you think your partner is the one, you both might have to find a middle ground for your outbursts. At first glance, moon in Aries and moon in Gemini are perfect partners in crime: you both love adventure and changing environments. You and your Gemini zodiac sign will have good relationship as friends, as you are easily bored and are afraid to be.

You frequently find yourselves starting up projects, find new and exciting ways to have fun. It is when you have to do the boring things, like finishing things up and doing routine activities that you start to have problems. While you do not like mind games and pretense, but Gemini moon loves word and emotional games, which will drive you crazy. You may be best friends forever compatible, but romantic relationships will require a lot more work in the emotional side of things.

To have a long lasting romance relationship, Aries and Gemini in love have to establish a common ground when it comes to emotional issues. Perhaps making routine things exciting will help you move forward in a relationship. You, Aries moon may find that Cancer Moon people are manipulative and overly clingy. But moon in Cancer will find you selfish and unsympathetic. You are at odds with each other, because your needs and habits are different. Cancer Moon needs security and closeness, while you are independent and not bound to things.

Essentially, you are two different people fundamentally, which bears no good news for your relationship. Aries moon sign can be aggressive with your penchant for direct approach. Cancer Moon can drive you nuts with their mood swings and emotional dependency. You may find that Cancerian is often indirect with their feelings and needs, so it drives you both crazy.

At this point it seems easier to avoid a relationship with Cancer Moon. To have a successful zodiac compatibility , both sides have to compromise and learn from each other. You have to allow Cancer to be emotionally dependent on you, while Cancer has to learn how to be more assertive in dealing with you. Overall, a difficult pair in romantic relationships. Aries Moon and Leo Moon are compatible for romantic relationships and marriage. As friends you will respect each other as you share many common traits: independence and strength, and the need to be loved.

Both of you are proud people, and you both have the need to dominate in the relationship, especially you, Aries. Aries likes to live in the now, but Leo Moon prefers things to last. While you like to be noticed, Leo wants to be the center of attention. The problem arises when both of you keep your desires a secret, and are too proud to admit to things; this might spell problem in a business relationship.

They both enjoy a stable family home.

Sometimes this union becomes too dreamy, and they need to come back to planet earth to accomplish more earthly pursuits. Music, meditations, spiritual retreats, and connecting with nature are the favorite pursuits of this couple.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon Personality

Pisces Moon with Leo Moon can become a very unbalanced relationship that can end up hurting the psyche of the couple. Pisces Moon might end up constantly worrying if they are good enough in this relationship, and manipulations can end up hurting this union. Pisces Moon might be too eager to please Leo Moon. There is often a strong physical attraction, however, there might be a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications. They both have a strong desire to be loved, but that is where the similarities end.

Leo might be running the show too much and wondering why Pisces Moon has no desires of their own. Pisces Moon often gives up on their own dreams to please Leo moon only to have Leo Moon loose their respect for them. Pisces Moon can end up emotionally completely withdrawing as a way of surviving, and both parties can end up feeling very emotionally confused and disappointed.

For this union to last, this couple needs to look deeper at the other person and investing some real understanding into their relationship. Leo Moon needs to be less selfish, and Pisces Moon needs to be stronger.

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Virgo Moon with Pisces Moon is a match that can be either really good or really bad, depending on what both parts are focusing on. Both can be moody and pessimistic, and they need to look for the positives and they need to learn how to work together. Virgo Moon is reliable and hard working, dealing with the physical, while Pisces can be unreliable, disorganized, and dealing with the more metaphysical.