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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. We are coming to the end of the current Mercury retrograde this week as the messenger planet stations direct on the 28th. It is during a station, when the Mercury influence is particularly potent simply because it appears to be stationary, hence the term.

A busy week ahead as we work towards the Vernal Equinox on the 20th as well as a full Moon in Libra at the same time. What a fabulous way to embrace the arrival of spring at least by the calendar. With Uranus, now in Taurus, earth signs will feel the impact over the coming seven years.

Uranus is an odd archetype in that it represents the unexpected. That includes surprises good and bad , innovation, rebellion and basically anything that upsets the norm. A great change is happening this week as we see Uranus, the planet of rebellion, innovation, and the unexpected step out of Aries and into Taurus for the first time in roughly 84 years.

This is a major event and will set the tone for the next seven years. The short month of February comes creeping to a close this week. Even though this is the time of year for Pisces, we continue to witness a lot of concentration in the sign of Capricorn, and this will be the case for some time, so we had best get used to this aspect.

Weekly Astrology for February 11, by Chris Flisher A fairly exciting week looks to be in store as Mars and Uranus come to an exact conjunction in the late degrees of Aries mid week. Mars is known for action and aggression, whereas Uranus rules over the innovative, rebellious, and the unexpected. We begin the week with a new Moon in Aquarius at 15 degrees.

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As mentioned many times, new Moons present an opportunity to begin again. New starts need not be dramatic, although they can be, rather they offer a softer and more frequent chance to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. As we slowly back away from the full Moon lunar eclipse of last week we may begin to feel the reverberations of such an event. Much is written about eclipses and much is expected of them, but often the terms are dire and filled with an uncanny sense of the foreboding.

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The big news this week arrives with a full Moon lunar eclipse in the early degrees of Leo. As the Sun stares across the zodiac from the early degrees of Aquarius we must harken to the call of collective creativity. What does that look like? As we scan our societies we see division and delusion…. Become a Patron!

Cancer Moon Sign Horoscope Next Week

The focus remains on Capricorns and earth signs, by association and influence, this week. The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all gathered in the cardinal earth sign. As mentioned before, cardinal earth signs are pioneers and initiators. Capricorn is known for its stoicism and resolve. This will be a highly charged week for Capricorns. The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all gathered in the sign of the cardinal earth sign.

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Being a cardinal sign imbues all who have such an astrology attribute to be great initiators. The year comes to an end with the entry of Mars into the sign it rules and most identifies with; Aries. This appears to be quite an auspicious beginning to a new year. Mars is the great warrior planet, but it is also known for action, ambition, achievement, and aggression. The words that best describe the week ahead are responsibility, action, and attention. As Saturn creeps through Capricorn it is joined by the Sun this week, highlighting the need to make corrections, adjustments, and tow the line, so to speak.

The week ahead holds the promise for some rather surprising events. To begin with, we will witness the Winter Solstice on the 21st. The Solstice is a magical day and allows us to wipe away the past and truly begin anew. This week we will witness two inner planets changing signs. Mercury, still in retrograde motion, will step back into Scorpio before turning direct near the end of the week on the 6th of December. A fairly quiet week awaits us as no major planets are moving in or out of signs.

The most significant change occurred last week when Neptune stationed direct in Pisces. Neptune stationed retrograde back in June of and has finally turned direct.

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The action this week will be centered around Sagittarius. Not only does the Sun enter Sagittarius by the end of the week, but it is joined by Mercury now retrograde and Jupiter. The most exciting event this week takes place as the great benefic planet, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the sign it rules on November 8th and will remain there for roughly a year. Early Sagittarians late November will be the first to feel the influence. An especially volatile week awaits us as Uranus stirs the pot of rebellion and opposes the Sun.

At the same time we have a mid-week full Moon at 1 degree of Taurus that stands in direct conjunction alignment with Uranus. Venus will be in the spotlight for several weeks having stationed retrograde on October 5 at 10 degrees Scorpio. Venus will continue in reverse direction from our perspective on earth and retrograde back to 25 degrees Libra before it reverses again and stations direct. We begin the week with a new Moon at 15 degrees Libra.

Flisher, Chris

New Moons provide an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The commencement of something new need not be monumental and the shape of a new beginning can be quite a simple act of renewal and course correction. After a roughly six-month retrograde, Pluto will station direct to begin the week at 18 degrees Capricorn. This station which has been explained here before signifies a time when the characteristics and attributes assigned to Pluto come to be more dominant.

The full Moon shines a light on the ways in which we communicate. Mercury, the planet which holds correspondence as its primary characteristic is in close proximity to the Sun. The most dominant influence we are likely to encounter this week includes Mars and Uranus. As mentioned before, these two planets often form a caustic and explosive combination.

In this situation they are standing in a square to each other which sets the stage for an unprecedented and unexpected event. A new Moon in Virgo starts the week off. New Moons offer the chance for us to reevaluate where we are emotionally and where we want to be going forward.

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Ws can view it as an opportunity to shift our focus and realign with our true purpose. The week ahead provides us a glimpse of what the influence of Mercury has on the cosmos. Mercury will step into Virgo this week. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and therefore provides a platform for detailed conversations, order, and service. The planet Mars is the hero this week as it stations to go direct after roughly two months of retrograde action.

All planets enter into retrograde cycles except the Sun and Moon and all take a back seat or are less influential when that happens. After roughly three weeks of retrograde motion, the tiny, yet influential planet of Mercury, stations direct to begin the week. While it is technically out of its retrograde period the few weeks that follow the station are also important because they represent the degrees which the planet reversed.

The activity of the summer continues to unfold.

Mercury, now retrograde, pairs up with the Sun and Moon late in the week on a new Moon Solar Eclipse. This is the last eclipse of the season and follows two earlier eclipses; another new Moon eclipse and then a full Moon eclipse late in July. With the two most recent eclipses now behind us we can observe the byproduct of such powerful cosmic events. Eclipses serve as a harbinger of things to come or that which has yet to be revealed.

In that capacity they are notable and worthy of our attention. Leo is a bold, charismatic, creative, and fixed sign. As mentioned many times, a fixed sign is one of four signs in the zodiac that adhere to a rigid thought process. Like Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius, Leos are strongly opinionated and often immoveable in their convictions…. We are approaching mid summer and we are sitting between two eclipses.